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Sarah Collins

1. Soul Perception Poems (book excerpt)
Here is an excerpt from Sarah’s forthcoming book of poetry Soul Perception: Exploring the Nature of Reality, Love & Illusion through Poetry. 12 poems included in a PDF document.

2. Soul Perception Poems (Audio File)
Here is an audio file of Sarah reading her 12 poems excerpted from her soon to be published book Soul Perception: Exploring the Nature of Reality, Love & Illusion through Poetry. The perfect accompaniment to the PDF document of poems above.

3. 101 Holistic Health Tips
An Ebook with lots of good information divided up into four sections: General Health Tips, Vitamins and Herbs, Natural Food Choices, and Skin Remedies.

4. 96 Natural Help Ebooks
Yes, there really are 96 ebooks for what ails you in this download! Covers a wide variety of ailments from ADD, Alzheimer’s, Anxiety, Autism, Fatigue, and Poor Circulation all the way to Stroke. Includes natural remedies

5. The Natural Remedy Handbook
A comprehensive 264 page guide to how you can treat and cure minor ailments and illnesses using natural remedies such as vitamins, minerals, herbs, lifestyle changes and holistic/alternative medicine.

6. Imagination
An article by Sarah M. Collins about a fool-proof way to make good decisions for yourself. Use your feelings as your barometer letting you know if the choice is a good one or more importantly, a bad one for you.


Join Kevin J. Todeschi, A.R.E.’s Executive Director and CEO, for the free online virtual conference presentation Edgar Cayce on the Akashic Records. Explore the mystery of the Akashic Records, the storehouse of all information for every individual who has ever lived upon the earth, and the source from which famed psychic Edgar Cayce received many of his remarkable insights.


Christy Whitman

Magnetizing Yourself!
Learn how to turn on your money magnet and magnetize whatever you desire by learning how to work with energy. This is an advanced meditation technique that will help you turn what you want from energy into matter.

Joseph S. Rubino

7 Steps to Soaring Self-Esteem and Success Achievers’ Club Membership ($129 Value)

7 Steps to Soaring Self-Esteem is the insightful, eye-opening audio program based on the internationally best-selling book, “The Self-Esteem Book: The Ultimate Guide to Boost the Most Underrated Ingredient for Success and Happiness.
Learn the reasons why this program has been the primary guide for thousands to totally improve their lives by elevating their self-esteem. Healthy Self-Esteem is the #1 factor for all successes in life! Get this Complimentary MP3 Audio Program Now and You will Find Out:

  • Why over 85% of the World's Citizens Experience Negative Effects from Diminished Self-Esteem
  • That Often our ‘Lack’ of Self-Esteem is so Subtle that we Don’t Even Notice It
  • Why Lacking Self-Esteem is the #1 Cause of Most Negative Emotions such as Anger, Hurt, Greed, Fear, and Guilt to name just a Few

Plus You Will Learn Things Like:

  • How to Replace Negative Messages with New Core Beliefs that Support Your Happiness and Excellence
  • How to Heal the Past and Stop the Downward Spiral of Self-Sabotage
  • How to Implement n easy to follow system that will Impact Your Life in a Dramatically Positive Manner

PLUS – You’ll receive a 1 Year Subscription to The Success Achievers Club and Success Code Newsletter – filled with wisdom, insightful articles, tips, free and discounted offers for those interested in possessing Extreme Self-Esteem and maximizing their happiness, success, wealth, and personal effectiveness.

Get Your Free Copy of “7 Steps to Soaring Self-Esteem Audio”


Peggy McColl

Power Life Script
This custom designed power life script is an audio file designed to attract the soulmate of your dreams. The script contains affirmations to help build the faith and confidence you need to magnetize BIG LOVE. Created and delivered for you by NY Times Best Selling Author Peggy McColl (hint: she says that using a power life script has had the greatest impact on her life -- more than anything else!)


Stefanie Hartman

The Number 1 Marketing Strategy on the Planet
Business has changed. Find out why those who read and execute what this manifesto contains may be the ONLY businesses remaining over the next 5 years.  How the NEW Economy (*NOTE* this has nothing to do with a recession) and the #1 Marketing Strategy on the Planet can revolutionize your business and why those who read this now will have a massive business advantage.  Plus learn about how the timing and the culture is perfectly aligned to help YOU profit from this No List, No Money, No Risk Marketing Strategy!  It is a free technique that Internet Guru's use again and again, and has been proven predictable to produce MASSIVE results! Value: $99


Hueina Su


7-Part Video E-course ($197 value)

In this 7-part video e-course you will learn:
* The invisible obstacle that keeps most people stressed and what to do about it
* How to remain calm, peaceful and confident even when all hell breaks loose around you
* A powerful 3-step process to tame your Invisible Chaos, so you can have inner peace, joy and more success NO MATTER WHAT
* A quick snap-your-fingers process to move from being stressed & insecure to being relaxed & confident

* A 60-min BONUS audio program just for entrepreneurs

Marina Spence

Love your job, hate your job, it doesn't matter.  Any work can leave you feeling less energetic at the end of the day.  Counter the drain by reading "10 Caffeine-Free Ways to Boost Your Energy at Work", a report written by Marina Spence, the author of Make Every Day a Friday:  The Joy of Connecting Who You Are with What You Do.  As a special bonus, you'll also receive "10 Stress-Free Secrets of Living".  Begin applying the tips and notice the difference in your day & in your life.  Enjoy!